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2021-09-27Pst Sakhile L. Sithole Divine Revival Online
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Welcome to Divine Revival Online.

This is an online ministry site that is there to help people, who need to receive Jesus Christ in their lives; as their Lord and Saviour and also who need the impartation of the word of God into their spirit weekly!

This wouldn't be possible, without the inexhaustible power and love of God and of course the man of God Pastor Sakhile L. Sithole who is devoted to his ministry of bringing profoundly truths of the gospel!

We believe you will enjoy and be uplifted in your spirit, as you read his weekly devotional messages!


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Today I would like to talk about faith. Faith is defined in many ways by different people. As Christian believers faith is essential. Faith is the only thing that moves God. God is not moved by your way of talking or praying. He is only moved by faith. We see many instances in the Bible whereby Jesus was greatly moved by the faith of some believing folks. There is what I call "NOW FAITH" I'm not just talking about faith perse but I'm talking about the instant faith.

Some Christians folks have difficulty when it comes to receiving from God. Everything is there for us but some usually have a hard time getting what is theirs. People are living an unpleasant life whilst Christ made all things adequately available. Let's look in the bible, according to Hebrews 11:1 it says "Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things that are not seen". So this should tell you something. There are things which need instant attention. You've got to have the 'now faith ' in order to receive from God. Whether you in need for divine deliverance, healing, provision. You should have the Now Faith. Remember the definition of Faith. These are things we hope for but have not yet got hold of them but you've got hold of them spiritually. I love what Jesus said in the gospel. He said " Whatsoever we need, we shall believe we have it and we shall have it". This is profound. You don't need to sweat until you get what you need but it requires the Now Faith. So good people, you should receive what is yours.
There is the word RECEIVE which is derived from the greek word LAMBANO and it means taking by force what is yours. So you should lambano your divine health, your prosperity, in Jesus' Name!

Stay Blessed!

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